The Oddodo


The Odyssey

I worked on the marvelous story of the Odyssey recently. It was loads of work but I really enjoyed the travel...Here is a sample!


Long time no see, but I hope you like this guys! Book illustration!


Hello all! Today I'm sharing a piece for tattoo art! Enjoy!


The game

Greetings guys and gals! Sorry for the prolonged absense! It was a busy time! Today I am sharing a commission I did for a book. Enjoy and take care of yourselves!



Hello guys! Today I'm sharing a concept design for a character from Homer's Odyssey, the famous Polyphemus the Cyclops. Hope you guys find it interesting! Thank you for visiting!


All aboard!

Greetings! Another piece of art taken from the latest book I'm working on. Take care of yourselves and your family. See you again later!



Heya there! I'm sharing a small illustration for a book. It was summer-themed so it seems appropriate to share it today. Enjoy the summer! 


Goodmorning this is a piece of art i did for a friend , it is inspired from a playmobil knight figure for the playmobil fans :D


Grocery Store

Goodmorning! I worked on a grocery store illustration and I thought I'd share it with you. Thank you for visiting and take care of yourselves!


Yet another park?

Well, I don't know what kind of coincidence is this, but I happen to work on many park scenes lately. I am sharing a new one today. Thank you for visiting! 


Book Art

Hello guys! Today I'm sharing an illustration I did for a children's book. Hopefuly you'll find it interesting. Take care and thanks for visiting!